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This is a great outcome, and one worth celebrating.

So too is representation across the state, with board members in the north-west, north, west and southern regions.

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Yes, the question of what, or who is a startup, does come up a bit in conversation; I suspect there a lot of people who may not really see themselves as a “startup”, but may have an interest in the community.

As we seek to broaden the reach, the demographics of the community will evolve, and a key unifying principle will be even more important to a cohesive, and effective group.

To my mind, that must come down to the essence; the determination to have a go, and the perseverance to stick with it.

I think that’s a principle you can see in a lot of hard working Tasmanian’s, and that should be celebrated and supported.

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The Tasmania Action Day was an interesting experiment, not only in the use of film to inspire and prompt discussion, but also for Startup Tas drawing attention to the local startup community, and factors that could encourage more activity.

This collaboration also gives the chance to build closer ties with communities like design, media and online — some entrepreneurs themselves, already.

Whether aimed at customers or investors, branding and communications can be vital for success, so closer ties with these communities can only be beneficial. Likewise local ‘creatives’ may benefit from startup experiences, and other perspectives.

Hopefully useful actions stem from this event, the related discussions, and Startup Tasmania’s involvement.

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