AGM 2014 results are in!

The votes are in, the counting's done.

The incoming Startup Tasmania executive is in...

Executive Positions

President: James Riggall

Vice President: Polly McGee

Secretary: Jess Tyler

Treasurer: Casey Farrell

Public Officer: Amanda Castray

General Committee Positions

  • Rob Vernon
  • Adam Mostogl
  • Mel Roome
  • Marc Nothrop
  • Eloise Macdonald-Meyer

Thanks to everyone who stood for election and we were thrilled with the amount of interest for the Board - it's a great recognition of what we've been able to achieve in this past year. We certainly feel we reached our objective to get Startup Tasmania recognised around the state with some solid traction and to build a foundation for the future.

The Board is also 50% gender balanced - nice work for Tasmania to have equal representation of women entrepreneurs on the board.

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commented 2014-12-12 11:41:05 +1100 · Flag
This is a great outcome, and one worth celebrating.

So too is representation across the state, with board members in the north-west, north, west and southern regions.