2018 Nominees


Matt Dobson - President

Matt Dobson is the Chief Communications Officer at Savage Interactive, the developers of Procreate: the flagship application for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. In this role, he works with some of the world's largest tech and creative companies, including Apple, Wacom, and Pixar. Procreate's community has grown significantly under Matt's leadership with record levels of followers and engagement. An enthusiastic member of the Startup Tas board for the past year, he is looking forward to contributing even more actively. Matt also finds time to be Head of Customer Support and single-handedly built the Savage support department from the ground up, which now supports millions of Procreate customers worldwide.



Joe Robinson - Vice President

Hi! I’m Joe! I’m an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast based in Launceston.

I’m part of the team running Bitlink, a technology company working on development and delivery of STEAM focused education programs, boutique embedded systems integrations, and technology consultancy.

I’ve recently spent some time as community manager at the Enterprize Launceston startup hub, supporting entrepreneurs in the north of the state. This role has allowed me to get to know the startup community in Tasmania intimately, particularly in the north of the state.

Between Bitlink and Enterprize, I’m also part of a wonderful community responsible for managing the Battery Shed hackerspace; a community focused on helping people make, repair, and engage with the technology they use every day, free of charge.

My experience with Bitlink, Enterprize, and the Battery Shed gives me a diverse skill set in building and supporting communities, organising and hosting events, and educating and mentoring. I’m stepping down from my role at Enterprize at the end of 2017 and wish to continue engaging with the community in a formal way.

The startup community in Tasmania is special; it’s a vibrant community full of passionate, creative, and committed people who love what they do. I feel that it’s incredibly important to support and foster growth within this community, and I think that I can put my skills to good use as an elected representative of Startup Tasmania.



Clare Rutherford - Secretary

Hi! I’m Clare, and I’m an entrepreneur enthusiast! – Wow, say that 5 times fast… I’ve been on the board of Startup Tas two years running, and have loved being able to get fully immersed in this community. What I love most about entrepreneurs is that we never let up! There’s always something new and exciting we’re trying to chase down on the horizon. Sometimes it can be a lonely and frustrating world, full of hard work and uncertainty. But what sets an entrepreneur apart is our ability to see the brighter side, the endless possibilities waiting on the other side.

I’ve served as your secretary before, and past board members will be able to vouch for my reasonable organisation skills, and speed of delivery when it comes to minutes – but that’s not why I should get your vote. I’d love you to vote for me because I’m passionate about supporting the Tasmanian startup community to grow, connect, inspire and achieve. There’s something pretty special in the water down here – James Boag knew it, and we know it. We’re lucky to be Tasmanian entrepreneurs, and I want to continue to work with you to share that magic with the world.



Jack Scott - Treasurer

Jack Scott is a Hobart-based software developer and owner of technology consulting business Loop Foundry. He is also in the process of launching a food-related startup.

Jack has a great deal of experience in both for-profit and non-profit bookkeeping and accounting. He was the treasurer for the successful linux.conf.au community-run conference held at Wrest Point in 2017, which was attended by 600 people and raised $28,000 for charity. He also held various roles within the UTAS Computing Society (TUCS) over several years from 2009 to 2012, including as secretary.

Jack is excited to nominate for the position of treasurer as he wants to help Tasmania evolve as a place to not only do business, but to start businesses. He believes Tasmania is only held back by a lack of imagination.

In his spare time, Jack is an enthusiastic ferroequinologist.



Genevieve Cother - Public Officer

I am Business Development Manager for The Action Learning Institute, a private research and training startup using principles of action learning and human-centred design to develop an alternative education system. We are the first education institution in the world to deliver nationally recognised qualifications entirely through action learning. This is made possible through unique assessment methods using proprietary software (myLearningMap), which maps evidence of competency from collaborative platforms, such as the Google Suite of Apps, directly to the Australian VET Framework.

I am Company Secretary to Business Action Learning Tasmania Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee for charitable purpose. The purpose of BALT is advancing education through action learning programs in industry, community and education institutions. I undertook most of the work to establish the organisation including writing the Constitution, initial Business Plan and setting up of the financial accounts and business management systems.

I am familiar with the work of StartUp Tasmania, the Action Learning Institute was a sponsor for GovHack in 2017, and I am a volunteer and consumer of services at partner organisation, Enterprise Launceston.

In January 2017, I completed the AICD Company Directors Course and graduated with an Order of Merit.



Charlie Renner - General Representative

I have spent most of my life working in and around non-profit organisations, from volunteering, running fundraising events to networking with investors and the different levels of government. I specialise in developing retention platforms for educational programs.

I have an interest in making a difference with the Tasmanian Start-Up space! With a history of working with start-ups in project development, funding attainment and workshop management - I know I have the skills to listen for and deliver on what people really care about.

I’m looking to work with our partner organisations to deliver an incubator program for 2018 and make a lot of noise to attract inter-state and international investment. There are so many possibilities within this space and I’m excited to have the opportunity to make an impact and make things happen.



Peter Wallhead - General Representative

As a proud born and bred Tasmanian, I have contributed to a number of innovative committees since I was a teenager, including Robotics Tasmania (with RoboCup Junior) and both the Tasmanian and National Model Solar Challenge committees.

I've been a Startup Tas member off and on over the past 6 years, and am an avid follower of all things startup in Tasmania. The local startup community has supported me over the years, and helped me to launch a number of my own startups, and now I want to start giving more back.

As a startup founder on the Startup Tas board, I believe that I could contribute to the future growth of the startup community in Tasmania and help promote Tasmania's startups to world.



Melissa Goodman - General Representative

I would describe myself as a creative minded, business startup enthusiast, who has fallen deeply in love with Tasmania. I am passionate about supporting and promoting the Startup Tasmania community, new startup’s and next generation of entrepreneurs.

I'm lucky to have been involved in a diverse range of events and projects which include: not for profit, government, community, higher education, corporate events. I also have real life experience in the startup space, as I was a business partner and creative director for eight years for a Fine Art Landscape Photography business.

I believe my past experience gives me great insight into what skills and foundations that a new business may require using this to help plan new events, workshops, accelerator programs and the next steps for Startup Tas 2018.

My current role and responsibilities are Event Management, Training Coordinator, Project and Office Support for IT Project Managing Company called 2PM Services. I am in the early planning stages of UHack 2018 event put on by University of Tasmania.

Some of my daily activities include, sponsorship, marketing campaign, regular planning meetings, vendor coordination, budgeting, venue selection, site inspections, event promotions, client relationships, invites, marketing material, food and beverage, post event reports.

I look forward to having the opportunity to bring passion, support, and opportunity to the Startup Tasmania Community into 2018.



Neal Costello - General Representative

I am currently the Vice Chair of the Hobart Branch of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), and have many years of experience in other board positions from my long and checkered past (North West Mountain Bike Association, Apex Somerset).

I am the acting Change and Release Manager for the Department of Police, Fire & Emergency Management by day, which means I chair several different meetings with a number of priority juggling responsibilities and conflict resolution roles.
Prior to this role I was Senior Information Security Officer for the same department.
I am also in the process of starting up a cyber security business with an associate and working towards developing key partnerships to develop this further in 2018.

While I am only a recent financial member, I have been involved through the Facebook for some time, and I look forward to working with the Startup Tasmania board and members in the future.

I'm the one on the right of this photo with my hands in a pile of meat.

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