Board meeting #2 was a ripper

The second Startup Tasmania board meeting was a corker, with the team getting into the nitty gritty of planning ahead towards a new vision.

It was clear from the outset that the gang is up for change, and while we were happy to see a rise in memberships since last month, we just know that this will go gangbusters when we are able to release our new directions and member services.

A key component has been recognising that there is a wide definition of what a startup is, what it means, and the mentality that goes with the territory. Armed with that insight, we spent a special brainstorming session plotting out what we thought we could offer, why and how. 

We'll be calling on our membership, stakeholders, pals and anyone who is at all interested to comment on this before too long. Stay tuned!

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commented 2014-02-07 20:23:04 +1100 · Flag
Yes, the question of what, or who is a startup, does come up a bit in conversation; I suspect there a lot of people who may not really see themselves as a “startup”, but may have an interest in the community.

As we seek to broaden the reach, the demographics of the community will evolve, and a key unifying principle will be even more important to a cohesive, and effective group.

To my mind, that must come down to the essence; the determination to have a go, and the perseverance to stick with it.

I think that’s a principle you can see in a lot of hard working Tasmanian’s, and that should be celebrated and supported.