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I’ve just been through every one of the sites mentioned, checked their news feeds, twitter accounts, signed up to all the newsletters. In looking at them all in one hit, most are looking for a worked up pitch document or statement – not open-ended queries. Most have detailed statements about what they’re looking for and guidelines to follow, as well as lots of examples of projects that have been successful. Tip: get onto the website first, explore it thoroughly, look at the FAQs and get your pitch together into something solid.

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2015 Myer Innovation Fellowships

Expressions of interest for the 2015 Myer Innovation Fellowships are now open and will close at midnight 31 August 2014 (AEST - Melbourne time).

The Myer Innovation Fellowship program provides support to individuals rather than organisations. These individuals will have a proven track record of achievement in their field of expertise. This program will provide these outstanding individuals with freedom from their day jobs to:

• Open productive new lines of inquiry
• Ask provocative questions
• Challenge conventional wisdom
• Develop new ideas, approaches, and strategies.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step outside the routine and rhythm of everyday life and chase down an answer to the great tests we face as a nation.

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Thanks Ag! But you know, there are MANY others at the starting blocks – but we don’t often hear about them or their success. Here at StartupTasmania we’re hoping to change all that – bringing startups out of the ’burbs, into coworking spaces, into the media, into networks – so that we can support what we know is a vibrant community. Share your story!

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It was brilliant to be invited to be involved in BOFA with Startup Tasmania, representing the Tasmanian Innovations Exchange as it gears up. It was a unique opportunity to gather materials, interviews and ideas for Startup and the Exchange, and to create exciting new dialogue for Mind’s Eye Tasmania’s innovations show on Edge Radio. The material is still going through its process, as is the BOFA agenda on taking the outcomes of the Tasmania Action Day forward. Very excited to be part of this initiative and to support it again and again, year after year to build strength and momentum.

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It was brilliant to be part of this event. I learned about things I’d been hearing about but had never had the chance to experience. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s real champions. Sign me up for the next one.

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