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BugHerd press release

Australian Startup success story BugHerd is a keen example of the power that a good product, a strong team, and a market opportunity has – in any financial climate. The company’s stellar funding trajectory is not dumb luck in a GFC weary heavy investment sector, with serious interest from local and foreign investors culminating in a $500k deal with Starfish Not only is BugHerd an Australian startup doombuster, it has had significant downstream wins for Startup Tasmania by way of delivering us BugHerd marketing and sales manager, friend, mentor and startup evangelist James MacGregor. James is one of several recent returns to Tasmania after big global careers, working locally and impacting globally. James is often found chilling frantically in the Lair, keeping us up to date with the national co-working and startup incubation phenomenon. So next time someone tells you that your startup has no hope, and you’ll never get funding, take stock from the formula for success that BugHerd has employed. Refine your offering, define your market, develop your propotype, engage mentors and advisors, get involved in the startup and entrepreneur community and switch off the negativity and talk of the GFCageddon, and singularly focus on your path to market. Word.




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  1. Riley James

    Met the BugHerd team through Angel Cube, Alan came and did a session. He gave us some great insight into what a CEO really does, turned me right off that job. Their ability to raise capital here in Australia was pretty impressive.

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