Lean Startup Conference

Startup Tasmania is excited to collaborate with the 2014 Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco. 

Starting in late January, as part of our regular meetups with fellow startups, entrepreneurs and supporters, we will be presenting highlights from this year's conference, giving access to the very best of this exciting international event.

Startup Tasmania members will get so much more value from this exciting collaboration, getting access to video recordings of all conference sessions, including all breakouts that take place outside the Grand Ballroom.

Recorded videos are a special perk giving unparalleled access, available only as part of the top-tier in-person tickets, all of which will be available to paid Startup Tasmania members, as a part of their membership.

Save thousands! There's No need to travel to San Francisco when you can get unfettered access to all of the conference, via Startup Tasmania and Lean Startup Productions.


What is the Lean Startup model?

Since Eric Ries proposed the 'Lean Startup' model in 2008, this iterative, customer-driven approach has been widely adopted by startups, large and small, and has spread beyond technology to have increasing mainstream influence.

Influenced by lean manufacturing and discovery driven planning, the lean startup approach advocates shorter, iterative development cycles, quickly adapting to customer feedback to ensure a product meets market needs.

Responsible for popularising notions like the 'minimum viable product', the lean startup model is an important approach for any entrepreneur or product manager to understand and evaluate. 


Lean Startup 101 webcast

See the Lean Startup 101 webcast to get a taste of what's to come.

"We’ll explain the important concepts of Lean Startup, demystify the jargon and supply examples to help you understand what Lean Startup is good for and when you can use it. You’ll come away with an understanding of the method and what frequently-used terms like MVP, pivot and innovation accounting are really about."

Watch Lean Startup 101 on YouTube


The Conference

This year, conference program presents a series of hard questions entrepreneurs commonly face, which will be addressed in talks and workshops. 


Questions we’re aiming to address at this year’s conference, by category:

Experiments and Process

  • How can I ensure that meaningful customer feedback is included in our evaluation of new initiatives?
  • How can I get new products, services, and internal initiatives to market more quickly?
  • How can I design a good experiment–a minimum viable product–for services or internal customers?
  • How can I create a sandbox for innovation with my organization without putting my core business in jeopardy?
  • What can I do when a team proposes an experiment that might undermine our existing brand?
  • How can I experiment and iterate quickly on mission-critical products and systems?
  • How can I keep up team morale when experiments invalidate a lot of our ideas?
  • What can I do when I have a handful of customers who absolutely love our new product, but not enough to meet our revenue or impact goals?

Metrics and Accountability

  • How can I measure a new initiative before it has large numbers of customers or revenue?
  • How can I measure a value hypothesis and a growth hypothesis at the same time?
  • What metrics I can use to hold people accountable on projects that include extreme uncertainty?
  • How can I measure impact when financial metrics are not the bottom line (or not the sole bottom), such as in NGOs, non-profits and governments?

Teams and People

  • How can I convince my leaders and managers to support entrepreneurial methods?
  • How can I convince my co-workers and direct reports to use entrepreneurial methods?
  • How can I set up teams to ensure cross-functional collaboration?
  • How can I get internal services like IT, finance, legal, and HR to act like startups and serve entrepreneurial teams throughout my organization?


  • What does the culture of a high-performance, high-growth team look like?
  • How can I build a culture that serves existing customers and unlocks new sources of growth?
  • How can I best hire and train people who haven’t used Lean Startup methods before?
January 29, 2015 at 5pm - 8pm
The Typewriter Factory Loft
Casey Farrell ·

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Well, I admit:

WHEN: January 29, 2015 at 5pm – 8pm
WHERE: The Typewriter Factory Loft

meant I headed to the The Typewriter Factory Loft yesterday but the guys there shrugged and said nothing was on but there was a meetup at Preachers.

Headed down there and Jess was hosting it and it was fine time and nice chat, but not about Lean Startups ;-).

All good. Just wondering what happened?
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Wow, just remembered this. Sorry for late notice. Will walk down now.
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I'm going to this, are you interested as well? Please RSVP: Lean Startup Conference https://startuptasmania.com/leanstartupconf?recruiter_id=2210
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I'm going to this, are you interested as well? Please RSVP: Lean Startup Conference
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I'm attending the LeanStartup Conference in January. You? Please RSVP: Lean Startup Conference https://startuptasmania.com/leanstartupconf?recruiter_id=1538
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I'm attending the LeanStartup Conference in January. You? Please RSVP: Lean Startup Conference
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