Startup Tas Shots… Launceston!

Startup Tas Shots sessions are expanding to the north of Tasmania!

In 2013, we’re going to be building up a Startup Tasmania events calendar for our members in the north of the state.  To start with, we’re going to be running Startup Tasmania Shots sessions in Launceston every month.

These sessions will be a casual networking event for local entrepreneurs, innovators and anyone else to have a few drinks in good company.  The sessions in Hobart have been really successful and we’re looking forward to growing a similarly vibrant and active community in the north.

The first session will be on the 10th of January, 5pm, at The Manhattan Wine Bar (81 York Street).  Subsequent meet ups will be at the same time and place, on the first Thursday of every month.

The events calendar will be the same in Hobart and Launceston.  So, if you find yourself at the opposite end of the state on the first Thursday, you can drop in on the local event and meet the community.

All of our events will continue to be announced through the Startup Tasmania Meet Up Page.  That’s the best place to keep up to date with what’s coming up in your part of the state.

This is all put of a bigger emphasis on the north for the Startup Tasmania crew this year.  If you want to give us any feedback on how we’re doing in the north, events you would like to attend, services you would like to see or anything else with a northern focus, you can now contact the northern crew directly on .  We would love to hear from you.

That’s it from the northern team for now.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing some new faces at the on the 10th.  See you there!

About the Author: James Riggall is a Board Member of Startup Tasmania. He is an experienced technology consultant. He has worked at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLab) for a number of years, as well as running his own IT support, development and consulting company, Bitlink. James is on Twitter! You can follow him via @jamesriggall


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