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Biteable is a simple video maker with over 400,000 customers globally. Despite focusing on the Australian market when they first launched now only 4% of their customers are based in Australia.

Biteable are committed to growing their company in Tasmania. Last year they tripled their team and James MacGregor, Biteable co-founder, says “we’re hiring people predominantly in Tasmania and we find because Google and Facebook don’t have an office here and none of the other big tech companies have an office here there is less competition for higher skilled staff and we’re getting access to really good people.”

“Tasmania is a great place to run a startup. It’s an early stage industry but we’ve got phenomenal opportunity, phenomenal people and it’s a fantastic place to live. If you’re in Tasmania and you’re thinking about starting a startup do it.

Watch the full Startup Stories interview with James here:

Organised by Startup Tasmania, Biteable are our hosts at February's Startup Social. 

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commented 2017-08-01 21:38:04 +1000 · Flag
As a Tasmanian living and working in a thriving Tech country, it’s great to see Tasmanian’s embracing the startup scene