Startup starting up in Burnie

Startup Tasmania had its first networking event in Burnie this week, bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners and more in a convivial session over drinks.

The event was about offering people a chance to participate in making a change in Tasmania, and how businesses can drive that change.

The intent behind StartupTasmania's meetup group is to bring together people who are exploring their businesses, whether they are startups, or changing direction, or growing - any part of their evolution. Startup Tasmania is about supporting businesses in Tasmania to make connections, find like minded people to share experiences with and gain momentum through mixing with others who may have relevant experience.

It's about leveraging connections, experience and valuable insights that can make a difference in the business journey.

We have tended to attract the digital/it crowd, but we are widening that demographic considerably - up in the north and north west in particular there are some very exciting new businesses in food innovation that are particularly interesting. 

The drinks are all about building a community and then from that community joining Startup Tasmania means connection to a range of practical member benefits to help grow and succeed in business.

The key to the drinks is that they're very open, friendly and inclusive, we invite anyone who is interested in what we do to come along. A lot of the regulars at the Hobart drinks aren't in startups themselves, but are interested in new business developments and innovation in Tasmania, either from a commercial perspective or just general interest. It's not technical, there's no forced networking structure, it's a casual meetup for people with a shared interest.

The value is in the discussions - there are always a few business ideas floating around and peers to help solve problems and alleviate concerns that other attendees have. It's good fun.

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Startup started up in Burnie - read all about it
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