Startup Muster deadline tomorrow - have your say!

Submissions to Startup Muster 2013 are closing in less than 48 hours. 

Covering businesses started in 2013, 320 completed survey responses have been submitted in 12 days, but organisers need 500 to reach their margin of error targets in the final report. Just five minutes of a founder's time can help make our effort on the report truly valuable to the industry.

Want ESOP changes?  Easier ways to set up company structures?  More attention from investors?  Coworking spaces in new areas?  Calls back from mainstream media when they get your press release?

Then we need to be able to show what's happening here.

Submissions close tomorrow (Friday) night and organisers are working flat out to make their 500 target, any help in achieving this is greatly appreciated.

and if needed:


And remember: the data provided will only be used to generate a free report, and a free anonymised data set.  

Startup Muster is a survey of the Australian startup community run by Murray Hurps, with research/design help fromRichard Kroon, and statistical help from a statistician and a survey methodology expert.

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