Shock news for key innovations funds

The new Federal Commission of Audit recommendation that the government abolish both the Innovation Investment Fund and Commercialisation Australia means our innovation ecosystem is headed for danger and we need to tell our success stories loud and clear.

Says StartupTasmania Secretary Jess Tyler: 

"There has never been a better time for Australia to follow the wave of innovation and entrepreneurialism that the rest of the world is following so brilliantly."

"There is no doubt that investment in innovation has benefits to the wider community, but perhaps, we have failed to tell those stories to the public and clearly they have been lost on the existing government."

"What we need is to keep telling the success stories because it matters, it makes a difference to perception - and clearly, funding."

Tyler says while there are great storytellers, there is great communication going on but the stories are being shared in circles that are too small - effective for their own purposes, but the impact is not being leveraged outside the immediate stakeholders.

"Let's widen it up, broaden the discussion, tell the stories from the rooftops. As we can see, it makes a difference to policy and funding."

She issues a call to arms to the science, technology, commercialisation and innovations communities: "I have a call to action for anyone dismayed by the decision and who feels even the smallest part of pique that their stories are valuable - get publicising! Call in your communications managers, your writers, your media professionals.

"Pump out the stories and flood the media with stories of good resulting from investment in these funds. Show the policy-makers that without support from government, as a core structure in the innovation ecosystem, we’re headed for danger."

TELL US YOUR STORY - let us know about you, your startup, your achievements and well promote them here on the StartupTasmania blog and wherever we can as we continue to rally to support our innovators.

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