Salting the earth for startups?

A lot has been made about the latest budget, says Dominic Collins in Anthill Magazine, with the focus among Anthill readers probably on how it is not particularly kind to innovation, startups and entrepreneurs. Somewhere in the region of $850m has been taken from various programs that assisted those sectors.

I truly believe the greatest political motivator is loss, and for all the quite mutterings and disbelieving complaints, I have not seen a lot of motivation to effect change or increase the Government’s understanding as to why the cuts are a mistake.

Startups, techies ad innovators talk about the “ecosystem”, yet there appears to be little happening publicly to shape it, protect it and grow it by the fauna that inhabits this space.

There has been little more than a whimper directed at the counter-intuitive step by a government, claiming to be open to business, to spray napalm over the forest of economic growth.

In order to ensure some semblance of support remains for the ecosystem, it needs to be understood by the government. In order to achieve this, the sector needs to stand up for itself.

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