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The Singularity University 2014 Australia & New Zealand Global Impact Competition is now open. This competition provides a once in lifetime opportunity for an Aussie Entrepreneur with a unique idea to solve a global challenge.

The competition Winner will receive a Scholarship to attend Singularity University situated in the NASA Research Park in the centre of Silicon Valley, and complete the upcoming Graduate Studies Program for free. The standard fee to complete these studies is $US30,000. More importantly though, the Winner will get to spend time with some of the smartest people on the planet, be surrounded by many of the world’s business elite, and gain an insight to the latest exponential technologies shaping the future for humanity.

With such an awesome program not currently available in Australia, Greg Burnett and the team at Silicon Lakes are assisting Dr Clarence Tan, the Australian Ambassador for Singularity University, to facilitate the Australian and New Zealand Competition to select a representative from either Australia or New Zealand to be part of the next Singularity University Graduate Studies intake.

This year, the Global Impact Competition Australia & New Zealand 2014 is inviting applicants to propose innovative solutions on Climate, Environment and Energy that would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, fossil energy use, or facilitate adaptation to climate change in any sector. The innovations can be of any type, including social technology, policy interventions, and social ventures.

Applications for the competition are to be lodged via the competition website: http://gic.singularityu.org/australia , applications close on Friday, 16 May 2014. Full details about the competition can also be found at this website.

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