North report

Meeting everyone recently for Startup Shots in Launceston was a real blast. Everyone had great ideas, I met some fantastic people and I really got a sense of what is useful and PRACTICAL for people in startup land.

It really helped flesh out for me what our messages can be and the sorts of activities we need to think about.

The main theme that came across was wanting to be heard. Startups want a place where they can talk about what they're doing, get some reactions, advice, go away to tinker and come back to re-present. 

Very informal pitching nights was what I heard.

Bootcamp up north is simply a must have.

Pop-up startups around the states - let's get out there and meet and greet and get these people out of the woodwork.

Profiles of who is doing what is seen as very important and BOFA is on the horizon and there are some standout opportunities there, similar with Festival of Voices.

The key ingredient is that we need to reach out proactively with a big ear and a big hand.

So we're at the drawing board as we speak, hatching plans.

Email us with what you'd like to do - please! We're here for you.

Jess Tyler, Secretary

[email protected]

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