Location, Location, Location

In real estate it's all about location. It's no different with startups: getting out of the garage/shed/workshop or off the kitchen table and into an office, even for a few hours a week, can make all the difference.

Way back in the days of running my new company I went through several stages of SOHO arrangements around the house, some of which were quite amusing and inventive. At one point, my desk was in my newborn daughter's room, with her cot next to me. Many times I'd jump up from the desk when she'd cry, do a feed and clean, then hop back behind the computer. 

I am also the queen of constructing tables and workbenches from stray furniture and feeding trails of power cords and extension leads to hidy holes and nooks around the house. Some of these have been deserving of architecture awards, I'm sure.

I've never struggled for motivation: I have no problems whatsoever with ignoring the housework and tv when there's work to be done on and in the business.

But the best thing I ever did for my business bring it into town in a coworking space. It has given me friendships, advice, expertise, connections and a sense of drive that adds an 'x-factor' to the business. I have become more confident, more energetic and definitely more ambitious.

If you're starting up - get your self out there into a place where you can rub shoulders and see who's doing what. It's exciting to see what others are up to and it also 'normalises' the experience of sticking your neck out for a grand idea - everyone's doing it!

I'm a member of The Typewriter Factory in Hobart, but there are many others including Parliament Coworking, MyPlaceInTown just to mention a few locally, with the massive Macquarie House Innovation Hub project in Launceston getting up a real head of steam.

It's cheap, effective and potentially a game changer!

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