Hobart Hackerspace

Hobart Hackerspace is the new home for Hackers and Makers in Tasmania. Whether you’re into computers and electronics, robots and digital art, or just pulling stuff apart, Hobart Hackerspace is the place to be.

Hobart Hackerspace offers 24/7 co-working access to cool gear (3D printers), tutorials and workshops and a place to hang out with like-minded hackers.


They are open to public every Wednesday night between 7 to 9pm where they showcase what they do and for everyone interested to check them out and see what they are up to.

Details on the pricing at Hobart Hackerspace can be found under their “Membership fees” page.

Membership: starts at a reasonable $35/month.

Location: 2 St. Johns Avenue, New Town

Website: http://www.hobarthackerspace.com


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