Profile: Farmware app thriving

IT'S three years since Midlands woolgrower James McShane decided to make a smartphone app on which he could record all his farm records and was smart enough to know the details of his livestock and crops.

In that time he's won won the Tasmanian Farmer of the Year award twice and in 2013 took out Startup Tasmania's Bootcamp Finalist place, pitching the refined Farmware app to a panel of startup experts.

Best mate Tim Bendall jumped at the idea of programming for such an exciting and challenging project and, over the last three years, we have been developing and testing farmware on-farm, with the help of testers across Australia.

Extensive field testing has been a very important part of the process, because we needed to be confident that the app is relevant and useful out on the farm where it's needed most.

Mr McShane said that the app, available through the farmware website, had enjoyed a good reception from users across the country and internationally.

AWARD winning Tasmanian farmer James McShane hosted a series of roadshow events in 2013 to launch his new farm management application.


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