Christian Rainey

Christian has a variety of experience within the golf industry, as a coach, junior development officer, and administrator. Christian also played golf at Paris Junior College in Texas in 2001 & 2002. He returned to caddy on the Australasian PGA TOUR in 2002 before starting a PGA Traineeship at Tasmania Golf Club in 2003.

It was during this time that Christian became involved with junior development at Club and regional level, before assisting in the advancement of the Mat Goggin Junior Golf Foundation for launch in 2006 where he was General Manager for 2 years.

Christian is co-founder of the startup YouGolfMe, an online golf coaching website which allows golfers to submit videos of their game in action for expert coaching and commentary. YouGolf has a unique swing upload feature which enables us to review your golf swing, and lets any of their professional golf instructors (‘PGA e-Coaches’) tailor specific coaching, feedback and drills to efficiently improve your game!

PGA Australia Member, part time coach & property developer/manager, and wanna be musician. Full time house cleaner & iPhone addict.