Bold action needed for startups to thrive

Australia’s startup scene is poised for greatness, but according to two incisive reports we are also on the brink of letting a game-changing opportunity pass us by without some bold thinking.

An article in Shoestring magazine takes a look at the StartupAus 'Crossroads' report and the PWC/Google 'Startup Economy' reports, and demonstrates how the ethos advocated in both reports has been proven in economies internationally, with remarkable results.

Both reports have featured strongly here on the StartupTas website, because together, the reports are essential and compelling reading, demonstrating just how large a force the Australian startup community could become.

Importantly, both reports strongly point to notions of culture, perceptions and community engagement as critical elements in achieving the promise startups hold.

If Australia is to take full advantage of the potential of its startup sector, the lead shown by StartupAus in its action plan, backed by the strong economic argument of the PWC/Google report and echoing the sentiment of the game-changing Boulder Thesis, could well lay out the bold steps that lay ahead.

Check out the article in Shoestring.

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