Big Innovation Survey results out

The Australian Science and Innovation Forum, with the support of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, has recently completed an on-line survey to help to build a clearer picture of Australia’s innovation sector.

It's a fascinating read with a smorgasboard of recommendations, with lots aimed specifically at startups!

Responses were received from a wide range of science and technology professionals, including:

  • Researchers in academia, Government agencies, and institutes;
  • Scientists and engineers working in private industry;
  • Science and technology entrepreneurs;
  • Legal, financial and other professionals in the scientific and high-tech industry sectors;
  • Those aspiring to create a start-up company, or those who have already done so.

Here are some of the recommendations for the startup sector:

Starting up a Science and Technology Business in Australia

  • Recommendation A1: Establish a national incubator system to foster science and technology entrepreneurship
  • Recommendation A2: Support the growth of science and technology businesses through Government procurement
  • Recommendation A3: Accelerate and expedite the start-up funding process
  • Recommendation A4: Support grant co-funding of new start-ups
  • Recommendation A5: Prioritise seed funding applications that demonstrate new intellectual property, scalability and commercial potential 
  • Recommendation A6: Assist Australian entrepreneurs find global markets
  • Recommendation A7: Define an allocation from the newly-announced Medical Research Futures Fund (MRFF) to support biotechnology and health technology opportunities 
  • Recommendation A8: Allocate funding from the Entrepreneur’s Infrastructure Program (EIP) to support early-stage investment

The survey results were used to inform ASIF’s submission to the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. Click on the link below to access a copy of our report.

Read ASIF’s submission to the Senate Inquiry.

The survey remains open, so why not get on board and have your voice heard. Complete the survey at


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