Aussie Education Start-up hopes to mimic US success with Developer “Boot-Camps”

“Sydney Dev Camp” hopes to kick-start US-style developer “boot camps” that have helped fueled America’s start-up phenomenon.

Their approach is to train a new generation of Ruby on Rails developers with a 10-week program.

For those of you that don’t already know, Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework based on the Ruby programming language that is quickly gaining momentum in the global Startup scene.

In SydneyDevCamp’s case, the purpose of setting up their developer “boot-camp” in Australia is to pump out entry-level developers and satisfy hungry entrepreneurs looking for talent and technical expertise.

The founder of “Sydney Dev Camp”, Ms. Danila Davidson calls it “an intensive training experience” for 20 students.

“It’s a nine-to-five, five-days-a-week journey from no formal coding experience to enough web-application-building competence to start a new career”, says Davidson.

Ms Davidson comes from a background of no small beginnings. She has private equity and VC funding experience while business globe-trotting for the past 8 years.

Through this experience she has been able to meet and witnessed several of these camps in action and feels the time is right for the Australian scene.

The obvious value here is that there is a real shortage of developers in Australia and “Sydney Dev Camp” is addressing this issue by adopting a new approach to produce talent.

By offering a program which teaches beginners how to code from the scratch and then connects them to potential employers SydneyDevCamp’s goal is to have developers job-ready at the end of the program, which means that by the time the students graduate, they are able to contribute value to an engineering team at any start-up/ high tech enterprise or launch their own venture.

For more information, visit “Sydney Dev Camp“.

About the Author: Byron Teu is one of the co-founders of Startup Tasmania. He is a serial entrepreneur and is addicted to building Startups. Byron is on Twitter! You can follow him via @byronteu


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