Emma Hope joins Startup Tasmania!

Starting up today at Startup Tasmania is Emma Hope. Emma has worked in the journalism field for 10 years as well as bringing experience in communications and marketing, and digital design to the Startup team.

Emma will spend Thursdays in the Startup office (The Typewriter Factory – Level 3, 13-17 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point), so call by and say hi or make an appointment by emailing: [email protected]

Emma will be working to update Startup Tasmania’s business directory, writing profiles and features on current member, as well as securing and nurturing new members.

It is expected that Startup Tasmania will expand over the coming months. Not just a growth in membership base, but also the reach of and engagement with entrepreneurs, the business community, and start-ups.

Most importantly we aim to increase interaction with and provide value to you – our members.



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