Member Feature: Say NO To Santa

Say NO To Santa is a book written about Celebrations without Consumerism. It challenges conventional thinking about how we celebrate seasonal events

Do you love Christmas but hate the financial burden that comes with it? Say No to Santa is a practical guide to celebrating the festive season without mourning over your credit card bills later. Learn how to limit spending, celebrate without consumerism and increase the fun while looking at Christmas and Santa from a completely new perspective.

Christmas is increasingly being turned into a giant marketing exercise to increase consumer spending. It is dressed up in the joy of family, tradition and fun but it still drives the message that it’s all about buying stuff and that happiness, love and self-worth come from having things.

Somewhere along the way we forgot about values such as the gift of time, the gift of making something or even choosing to not engage in this particular celebration without being judged.

Say No To Santa will help you to unhook from the whole present buying, obligation deal.

Whether you want to take back some lost ground or “opt out” of christmas all together, you will find here information, tactics, strategies and success stories to help you decide how you want celebrate or not celebrate the Santa season.

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See Christmas and Santa from a whole new perspective – is it really just a some harmless fun?

Learn how to limit your spending AND increase the fun

Learn how to deal with family expectations & pressure to do Christmas their way

Discover how Santa may be turning your children into life long consumers who measure themselves by how much stuff they have

Learn how to take back control of your life and choose how you will celebrate Christmas

Switch today to an enjoyable,new, financially responsible way of celebrating the festive season

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DISCLAIMER:  The views expressed in this book are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Startup Tasmania.


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