Get feedback on your business idea

I’d like to start hosting regular “office hour” sessions at Startup Tasmania HQ starting with a trial through October.

This would be a chance to sit down, one-on-one, and discuss something you are working on, brainstorm around an issue or hone your pitch. Short sessions. Startup Tasmania members only.

Could you use a fresh perspective right about now?

What can I offer?
I’ve worked in the UK tech startup sector and do a lot of online marketing. I’ve also done some training using the Business Model Canvas as a way to explore business model ideas quickly.

Book a slot in October
Please get in touch if you’d like to book a slot:

Why “office hours”?
“Office hours” is a concept taken from a personal hero of mine, Paul Graham. It’s a key component of how they support the startups they invest in at Ycombinator.

See him in action in an on stage “office hours” session recently:



  1. Tony Ellis

    Hi Oliver,

    Sounds great – would be terrific to get your thoughts and feedback. Let me know when it suits. Thanks for the initiative. Cheers. Tony Ellis

  2. Mike Bartlett

    Hi Oliver
    Yes good idea, would like to do that; when can we arrange that for?

  3. Jane Thomasson

    Hi Oliver

    Sounds like a good idea, what dates are available?


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