Not a Startup but keen to play?

Startups love company, much like a whale shark loves those little itty fish that cruise around eating their detritus. It works to have a gang of buddies at all different stages of the startup space time continuum, and we have lots of peeps who have been down the path and want to give back. And we love to be given back to. If this describes you, then why not shimmy over to the memberships page and consider either being a sponsor or making a donation. Being a sponsor can work for you if you want to come along to meet ups and open coffee, or put on an event and use the space. You can also blog and share the love that way.

Being a sponsor is for Startup service provider types too, if you want to demonstrate your support for the startup community, and also let the world know your service is out there, then this is a good way to feel good and also connect in with your core constituents. You still have to be mindful of the community culture and not monster with the hard sell, but by sponsoring Startup Tasmania you will have already shown that you are looking to help new enterprises succeed and want to give back in more than a transactional way.

If you don’t want to sponsor, but just want to make sure that we as an organisation are around to keep the dream alive while we too are building a war chest of dollars to keep the doors open and scale, then clickity click the donation button. You will be acknowledged with your own profile (or not if you want to be anonymous) and we will keep a pictorial tally of what you have donated your hard earned $$$ to. Like all organisations, we have ambitious plans, and one day want to grow into Tasmania’s first pre-seed fund. So whether it is $1 or $1 000 000 dollars, each one counts on the path to our future vision for startups in Tasmania.

In the mean time the more donations we have, the more we can build the functionality of the space, subsidise training and events and do cool stuff for the community. And thanks for even considering either of these options. You are really nice.


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