Success! – Hobart Pitch Club #1 for 2011

pitch club hobart 2011 number 1Last night’s Hobart Pitch Club went off! Sincere thanks to all who attended, over 70 people in fact, and by all accounts had a great time (thanks to Servcorp, the Hobart crew is simply awesome!).

Samuel McLennan from Great Expeditions, and “potential” business partner, Sally (forgot to ask for her last name), as well as Jane Thomasson from Errine Adaptive Clothing, inspired all in the room, myself included. They even gave me interesting business ideas on the fly!!

What a night! It is easily one of the most enthusiastic and well attended Pitch Clubs to date. Big thanks to Servcorp for being Pitch Club’s national platform sponsor and not forgetting the awesome Chapter sponsor, Startup Tasmania. If you haven’t joined Startup Tasmania yet, do it now.

Once again, Pitch Club Tasmania will be run 3 times a year in conjunction with Startup Tasmania. For those who don’t know, Pitch Club is a business-healthy event where entrepreneurs and inventors will be able to pitch their idea in a supportive forum in front of fellow entrepreneurs, potential investors, fans, customers, and mentors. The winners (2) — are voted by the audience on the quality and oomph of their pitch and will have the opportunity to go on to represent Tasmania in the national Pitch Club held annually in October.

This interactive pitching and networking event usually starts at 5:30pm, and go to 8:30pm, with refreshments provided between pitches. For more details go to:

Pitch club and Startup Tasmania will heavily promote this event through a large number of channels. So stay on top of it all via Pitch Club’s or Startup Tasmania’s website. In the meantime, start working on your pitch!


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