What is your business/what do you do?

The Pelvic Studio is a new Physiotherapy Practice with expertise in male and female pelvic health. We specialise in the management of pregnant and postnatal women, pelvic floor dysfunction, including men before and after prostate surgery, and we also treat low back, pelvic girdle and hip conditions.


Where did you get your idea?

I’m a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, originally from Hobart. I’ve been working interstate at one of the best specialty clinics in Australia. Due to a love for my home state, I always intended to bring my acquired skills & expertise back home to Tasmania. I’ve always dreamt of creating a specialty clinic in Hobart. I envisaged a service that combined the robust world of pelvic physiotherapy with the style and pizazz of the health and fitness industry. I wanted to create an experience for my patients. I want them to love pelvic rehab, and ultimately find it fun and enjoyable.


Tell us of your biggest challenge in starting up?

Having the confidence to put myself out there, to believe I could succeed, as well as the guts to put my savings behind my dream. Going all in. That was a bit scary


Where do you want to be in 10 years?

I want a successful practice, which has a big sense of community! I want my practice to have a positive impact on the lives of those we treat.


What advice would you give to other businesses starting out?

As one of my mentors (Kellie Wilkie) told me, get a good accountant from the get go
You must also have a brilliant web designer – for most businesses, it’s all about your on-line presence


Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

No. Just a physiotherapist creating my first baby (a baby of the business variety).


Would you look to begin another business/project in the future?

Absolutely. I would really like to create an on-line program for pregnant and post-natal women. There is a huge gap in the market! This group needs access to robust evidenced based information as well as tailored and progressive exercise rehabilitation and they need this information at their fingertips.


Tell us about your biggest win/achievement?

Finishing my Pelvic Floor Masters Degree was a big achievement, as well as becoming a Titled APA Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. Becoming Titled basically means the Australian Physiotherapy Association recognises you as a highly qualified practitioner in your niche. This to date is the biggest milestone of my career.


Would you be willing to mentor another startup?

Yes, I would love to, but not for a while. I wouldn’t be of value to anyone just yet. Once I’m set up, I would 100% be willing to mentor a startup.


What’s your pet peeve/most hated part of running a business?

Tech!! Learning systems and processes. Yuk.

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