What is your business/what do you do?

Gretel Analytics uses data to ensure quality care for the ageing population. We use wearable devices (IoT) to gather highly accurate location and interaction data in aged care facilities. Our system enables traceability, tailored observation and peace of mind for family and residential aged care providers.


Where did you get your idea?

We’ve been experimenting with technology which provides insight into outcome driven spaces for about a year now. Our recent market segment focus – residential aged care – is a response to the preliminary findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care and Safety. We’re excited to be positively impacting issues facing the ageing population.


Tell us of your biggest challenge in starting up?

We’ve been bootstrapping to date. Being pre revenue, there’s a real sense of urgency to get to market (not die of starvation – ha). We have found being in Tas has it’s own challenges too, purely by virtue of the natural isolation from the greater startup community, investors and mentors. Every face to face with a potential customer, investor or networking event outside Tas costs that bit extra in time and money.


Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Globally the ageing population is growing faster that all other age groups. In ten years I’d love to be in the thick of providing innovative data driven solutions for the ageing who face increasing vulnerability as their independence declines.


What advice would you give to other businesses starting out?

Build something that makes the world a better place.


Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?



Would you look to begin another business/project in the future?

Possibly. I think as a designer, my natural drive to solve problems and curiosity around human behaviour will keep driving me to produce solutions.


Tell us about your biggest win/achievement?

My six amazing children – nearly all adults now! They trained me to function fully on 5 hrs sleep, and provide a strong motivation to leave the world a better place. I’m very proud of them, and keen to model – especially to my five daughters – stepping boldly into a largely male arena (tech) with confidence.

Would you be willing to mentor another startup?

Definitely – not that I feel qualified to at this point.


What’s your pet peeve/most hated part of running a business?

A D M I N…….. *ugh*

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