New startup seeks Pozible for funding

Startup Tasmania member, James Rakich, is using Pozible to fund his latest venture ‘Elephant’, with the aim of raising $25,000 via the online crowd funding platform.

Pozible is fast becoming a household name and Australian version of highly successful US crowd funding startup, Kickstarter. And it’s no surprise. As of January 2013, Pozible had helped entrepreneurs collectively raise over $8 million.

With its unique, user-friendly platform, it’s allowing everyone from aspiring filmmakers to artists, scientists and tech geeks to get an injection of cash from the local community. The theory is simple; if the audience likes your idea, they contribute money towards its execution.

As many aspiring entrepreneurs begin, James Rakich saw a problem and wanted to fix it. He was sick managing his daily routines by entering data into countless drop-down menus and text fields so he built Elephant: A web application that consolidates all the important parts of a ‘Getting Things Done’ system including note-taking, calendars, next actions, and projects. The application cleverly converts your notes into useful information, keeping everything organised and easy to find.

After initial alpha testing with an offline prototype, James was satisfied that Elephant was ready for expansion into a full online service that required further development and funding.

James says “It’s early days but I’m hoping the community gets on board and embraces a new technology to make their life easier.”

You can check out the Pozible campaign at or Elephant website at

About the Author: Tim Polmear is the event manager for Startup Tasmania. He is interested in everything about entrepreneurial web-based Startups. Feel free to drop Tim a line at [email protected] (Opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the opinions of Startup Tasmania.)